• Know-how

    The dryers we design and manufacture represent one of our masterpiece products. Thanks to the experience we have achieved in various application fields, as Oil & Gas and Power Plant, the SINERGIA Dryer Division is now able to satisfy all the market requests, starting from standard applications up to customized and engineered solutions. SINERGIA successfully operates with the biggest EPC contractors providing high quality air dryers suitable for safe or hazardous areas.

  • How we work

    Our skills enable us to manufacture all the type of dryers (heatless, heated, heat of compression and so on). Commonly the heatless type is the most used for small and medium flows, meanwhile the heat-regenerated models are employed for large air ranges.

  • Quality

    ASME U-Stamp or PED directives regulate each one of our dryer’s pressure vessel. There is nothing that we cannot achieve: hot or cold condition, marine coastal or harsh environment, among strictly specifications or simple requests, SINERGIA always offers the best solution.